Toowoomba District Primary School Teams Chess Championship

Date:                  Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Start Time:   8.45am (arrival time due to bus congestion) with 9.10am (Sharp) Start.

Please do not arrive before 8.45am (requirement by TCC)

Pickup & Drop Off:   New England Highway near school entry – marked on map below.

Finish Time:  Approximately 4.15pm

Venue:           Toowoomba Christian College – Sports Centre

Entry:              $85 per team of 4

1st Deadline:        Monday 23 August 2021 – 7.30pm

2nd Deadline:       Friday 3 September 2021 – 7.30pm

Tournament Details

The annual Toowoomba District Primary School Teams Chess Championship will be held on Tuesday, 7 September 2021 at Toowoomba Christian College – Sports Centre, Highfields.

This event is open to all primary schools in the Toowoomba region from Years 1 to 6.


Please arrive at 8.45am  so registration can be completed in a timely manner and we can start on time at 9.10am sharp. (DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 8.45AM – REQUIREMENT FROM TCC)

 Pick Up And Drop Off

To avoid parents walking through the school to the venue, there will be a clearly signed ‘Meeting Point’ in the top carpark where child/ren can be dropped off. This is clearly shown on attached map.

Supervisors from each school are asked to wait at this location to meet their students. Once their team has arrived they can then walk down to the venue.

There will be TCC staff members who will wait at the Meeting Point for any late arrivals and escort these students to the venue.

At the end of the competition, each school supervisor will walk their students up to the Meeting Point for parents to collect their child/ren.


There will be 2 divisions:

  • Open Division (All Ages)
  • Novice Division (Years 1 – 3)


These prizes will be repeated in both divisions:

  • 1st Place – (4 trophies)
  • 2nd Place – (4 trophies)
  • 3rd Place – (4 trophies)
  • 4th Place – (4 medallions)
  • 5th Place – (4 medallions)
  • Best All-Female Team (4 trophies)
  • Outstanding Team Achievement Award (4 trophies) (for younger students)

Entry Fees

$85.00 per team of four

No. of Rounds

7 Rounds


Due to number limitations in the venue we have created 2 different deadlines to make it fair for all schools to get some teams in for this event.

FIRST DEADLINE – This is Monday 23 Aguust 2021 at 7.30pm. On the entry forms you will notice that you can indicate if you’d like to be notified if you want to enter more teams in the second round of entries. You can enter up to five teams in the first deadline.

SECOND DEADLINE – This is Friday 3 September 2021 at 7.30pm. Those who indicate interest in entering more teams will be notified if they can enter more after the first deadline closes. You will then have until 3 September to get those extra entries in.

QR Code Check In

  • All adults will be required to check in using the Check In QLD app and the QR code for the Toowoomba Christian College.

Food and Drink

2 food vans will be onsite during the day selling these items:

  • Coffee
  • Drinks
  • Choc bars
  • Chips
  • Hot Dogs
  • Hot Chips
  • Fried Chicken
  • Café like snacks

Other Important Details

  • Please bring food for lunch.
  • Each school needs to have one representative (eg. teacher) from their school for the supervision & responsibility of their students.
  • It is recommended that students bring a book, or a ball to play with in-between the rounds/games.
  • It is recommended that students bring bottled water on the day.
  • Please make sure students know that no bags are to go on seats, only on the floor (venue requirement)
  • Please collect the money for all your students (at your end). The Toowoomba Chess Club will invoice your school for the total amount of teams from your school after the event.
  • No parents/family members/friends etc are able to attend the tournament.
  • Information about the Toowoomba District Primary Teams State Qualifier will be handed out to the school representatives involved at the end of the Primary Teams Chess Championship. Please stay until the end to allow for distribution of this information to the top teams’ schools. Note: This is important due to the short time frame between both tournaments. It will also be put up on the website under school tournaments.

Entry Forms

**Entry Form Links**

 Download Novice Entry Form

Download Open Entry Form

Please download both entry forms above, complete and send your completed entry forms (Open and Junior Divisions) to as per both entry deadline dates at the top of the page.

You will find one entry form for each division. Please complete the details in the relevant columns and make sure you group each team together on the entry form, giving each member of one team the same team number.


Please arrange to let your child/ren’s school know of their registration and arrange payment to the school.


Please direct all enquiries to Sam Buckley, Toowoomba Chess Club on 0413 147 494 or email to

How to Get There

Please see map below of where the tournament is located.


The orange arrow shows the location of the Primary Teams Chess Championship.

In School Directions

The red arrows show how to walk down to the tournament venue. You can also see tournament parking indicated on the map.