Toowoomba Chess Club Membership

If you are considering attending the Toowoomba Chess Club you are welcome to come along for the first night for free to see if you enjoy it and would like to continue.

After that first night, you need to become a member to continue attending. This is $20 a year or $10 a year concession for age pensioners and students.

Our membership is an annual subscription model. It renews automatically 12 months after you pay your first membership fee. If at anytime you wish to cancel, simply call, email or message and we will look after that for you.

To join the club, visit our online shop and choose the appropriate membership – Online Shop

Attendance Fees

Please Note: Where concession is mentioned it refers to school and university students and age pensioners.

General Attendance

We have a small nightly attendance fee for each person attending the club. This is $5 for adults and $3 for concession.

For tournament players, attendance fees are paid per tournament. You pay online for these before the first round so that your details can be entered into the relevant software to run the tournament. (Includes Rating Fees for All Tournaments)

Tournament Players:

  • Adults – $35
  • Concession – $25

There are discounts applied to attendance fees for families and are as follows:

  •  2nd family member – 25% discount
  • 3rd  and onward family members – 50% discount

Social Only Players:

Casual social players – $5 per night and $3 per night for concession

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.